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Why Executive Coaching?

As a leader, you truly want to work differently. Create a compelling vision. Play on a bigger playing field. Make the bold gesture. Focus on what really matters.

You know it won't be easy. Maybe you've worked before at learning new behaviors, and for a while you changed. Then, autopilot kicked back in. And all the old habits returned, with predictable results.

You need a fresh perspective. That's what executive coaching can do for you.

For many executives, Executive Coaching is a defining experience -- a whole new way to look at work, a way to really "get it" in the gut, and the only way to make it stick.


Dianne has a very effective coaching style that balances the business and human elements of leadership. She has worked with several of our key executives and helped them push through some hard spots in their leadership development and team effectiveness. This has resulted in a much more aligned and effective Leadership Team. The results of her coaching were so noticeable to some of the other members of the team, that they have requested that she be allowed to coach them too! I would highly recommend Dianne for any executive coaching needs.

Jim Gerwien – President and CEO of BBA Industries & Ontic Aviation Engineering

Dianne Landau is a friend and colleague of mine. She is the owner and CEO of Landau Coaching Associates, an Executive Coaching and Organizational Development firm. Dianne is an experienced Corporate Executive with over 20 years experience in companies including Nestle, Seagram/Universal, Countrywide, Sony, News Corporation, DIRECTV, Fox Filmed Entertainment, CB Richard Ellis, Countrywide Financial, E! Entertainment, Sabre Airline Solutions, and The Guitar Center.

Since Dianne has had personal experience at leading large organizations, she has a deep understanding of leadership issues, organizational issues and brings corporate savvy, exceptional leadership and strong insights to her coaching and development activities. “I wouldn’t have believed some of the successes that she has accomplished with our senior leadership team!

Richard Jones – CIO of Countrywide and Fiserv

“Dianne is better than money in the bank! She’s quick, concise and right on the mark. Her insight, advice and direction help people focus, understand and rapidly achieve their goals. She is an executive herself, and immediately “gets” what people are saying and thinking. She also provides good advice and has creative suggestions that her clients and audiences don’t think of themselves.

Mary Beth Garber, President, of the Southern California Broadcasters Association

Dianne led the entire Orange County CIO/CTO leadership team through a series of assessments, team building and leadership sessions. Dianne was instrumental in creating lasting change and team building within the organization! Dianne offers ongoing leadership and executive coaching. She combines 22 years of real-world Executive experience and understanding of organizational cultures and behavior, with her ability to relate personally and individually with each client and team. Her Top Qualities are: Great Results, Good Value, and High Integrity. I would highly recommend Dianne for any organization's overall Leadership Program!

Jim Pierce, CTO of the County of Orange

Dianne’s work transformed individual contributors into company leaders by enabling them to understand the importance of a global perspective in team management and decision-making. Instead of thinking merely of their individual responsibilities, Dianne’s disciples consider the overall goals, objectives and missions of the company. They are now capable of participating in key decisions regarding internal and external matters that effect the company. Obviously, this dramatic transition yielded more valuable and effective employees, and energized each of their respective career paths!.

David L. Hankin, President & CEO of the Alfred E. Mann Foundation for Scientific Research

Dianne's presentation was great, well thought-out, and well organized. Having Dianne give workshops at your events will get you lots of kudos!” She has great examples and stories, and is very relaxed. She was very well received by our attendees, and brought to light many new insights on her topic. This was the best speaking event we’ve had!

Al Strong, President of CPS

“Leveraging her own experience as a 20 year corporate executive, Dianne displays exceptional insight into professional and corporate environments. She coaches her clients to be more effective in their roles and in their business relationships. Dianne has an excellent ability to understand complex scenarios and business situations, and she helps executives and their teams navigate through them by emphasizing direct and straightforward approaches. Dianne also inspires a positive attitude, and is a great cheerleader. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dianne to other executives!”.

Ed Godycki, Managing Director Countrywide Financial, Inc.

“Your skills are exceptional. In just one meeting, I broke through a significant barrier and moved on to find the clarity I'd been seeking for a particularly sticky problem. Thank you so much!”

From Jennifer Warwick Senior Counsel Phillips and Associates

“My experience with Dianne clearly helped make me a better leader. Dianne helped me identify specific goals, and formulate a plan of action, all the while providing ongoing support for implementation of my plan. We continually analyzed the results and refined our approach. I am now definitely on track to meet my goals! I have a new found appreciation for coaching. Allocating time to reflect, refine and consult has proven to be a very valuable tool. I began coaching members of my team in the hope that they get similar benefits from coaching.”

Lior Ofir First Vice President at Countrywide Financial, Inc.

“You were a great help to me. I think of all of your coaching tips before I go into meetings and it really helps me to be very centered and effective. You were also terrific at focusing all of my energy into a single direction. Your guidance has helped me achieve exactly what I set out to do.”

Molly Miles President of Immersive Marketing.

The 1-1 nature of our coaching was better than any other leadership experience Ive had. There was better guidance, more sharing, confidentiality and trust. These helped me address challenges without defensiveness.

One of Diannes biggest strengths is that she allows the whole person to be involved in the coaching, both the business person and the private person. She puts perceptions in front of her clients without being judgemental, and then helps people deal with those perceptions. She respects her clients.

Christine Hahn Senior Director of Information Technology at DIRECTV

Dianne's style is to the point, helps you get clear in your thinking, generous with information and totally supportive and encouraging. Dianne is on my short list of coaches I recommend without reservation.

Dianne Landau is a role model of a business woman. While being supportive, she is straightforward and to the point, helps to clarify exactly what needs to be done. Her experience is inspiring and for me, she is a true role model.

Dorene LaHavi, Business Owner

One of Diannes biggest strengths is her tenacity! She has helped me go after things and get out there! This is very critical to me in promoting and growing my organization to an Enterprise Level. Dianne is also a good listener, offers very good ideas, is optimistic, and pushes her clients beyond their comfort zone to achieve things they would not have done on their own.

Bob Tabaka - Senior Vice President at Countrywide Financials, Inc.

Dianne is an inspiring leader and a natural coach. She conveys complex concepts in easy to digest language, is dynamic and leaves her clients feeling confident, enthused and motivated.

Dr. Randall Martin, PhD. Corporate Counseling Associates